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Summer 2021 Seasonal Gin



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Let your mind do the travelling, and your tastebuds roam the world.

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200 ml

44% Alc/Vol

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"Let your mind do the travelling, and your tastebuds roam the world."

Pine/ Juniper
Pepper/ Heat
Honey Pollen

Shrouded in mystery.

Juno’s Summer 2021 Gin

A splash of citrus sourness, and a hint of smokiness, this gin is best enjoyed on a warm Summers’ day.

Best Served With: Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water and mint or mint and lemon.

The stunning front artwork has been designed by Abbey Barlow, the winner of Summer, in our Blank Canvas Competition.

My name is Abbey Barlow and I am 19 years old from Auckland. I’m an aspiring graphic designer and started studying Communication Design at AUT in 2020. I enjoy working with my hands and designing digitally to create my work and have loved doing art from a young age. I always knew that I wanted to be in the creative industry and I’m super thankful to Juno Gin for choosing my design for their summer bottle.

Follow her design journey at Abbeyz Art on Instagram.