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Emily’s Gin



200 ml

44% Alc/Vol

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"Emily’s love of all things botanical has been captured in this indulgent lemon honey gin that sings with lime blossom, lemon verbena and chamomile."

Pine/ Juniper
Pepper/ Heat
Honey Pollen

A prominent artist and a talented poet.

EMILY: Emily Cumming Harris (1837 – 1925)

One of our country’s first prominent female artists, Emily exhibited her paintings of New Zealand plants and flowers all over the world. She was also a talented writer and poet. Her writings provide a revealing glimpse of life in the 1800s, particularly during the wars of the 1860s. Her diaries describe an era where the primary role for women was a supporting one, while also exploring the artistic challenge of selling creative work in which so much of one’s self has been invested.

Also available as a special edition 4 pack, The Trailblazers.

Best Served With: a squeeze of lemon.

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