Autumn 2021 Seasonal Gin



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Let your mind do the travelling, and your tastebuds roam the world.

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200 ml

44% Alc/Vol

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"Let your mind do the travelling, and your tastebuds roam the world."

Pine/ Juniper
Pepper/ Heat
Honey Pollen

Inspired by South Island treasures.

Juno Autumn 2021 Seasonal Gin

After a much needed family trip to explore the foothills of the Southern Alps,  Jo and Dave James were gifted some real cranberry treasures from Central Otago and some a little bit closer to home in Merrilands.

The addition of the fig leaf came from the amazing scent of ripening figs as it adds an extra layer of richness, perfectly complementing the tarty, floral and burnt sugar notes of the cranberries and the juicy acidity of the rose hips.

Best Served With: Tonic or soda and garnished with a slice of fig or orange.

Niels Yuan

The Autumn 21 seasonal gin label has been designed by Niels Yuan, the winner of Autumn, in our Blank Canvas Competition.

Red Martini, inspired by a woman enjoying a cocktail at a garden party, amongst the Autumn leaves.  This is an expression of freedom, vitality and celebration of life associated with the goddess of Juno. 

Growing up in Rotorua, Niels spent a number of years studying, travelling and working around the world, before settling back in the North Island. Over the years, he had dabbled in a number of different fields from Physics and Aeronautics to Music and Education; more recently, he traded in his job in the Finance industry for life as a part-time artist. In his paintings, he combines abstract elements with figurative images, using layers of semi-transparent planes, straight edges, and flowing curves to build a multi-dimensional image that is both dynamic and static, evoking a sense of the atmosphere, emotions and qualities which lie beyond the purely visual.

Red Martini is an original oil painting created on a stretched linen canvas and is yet to be exhibited.  

Niels Yuan.