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Winter Ladder Pack



4 x 200ml

40-44% Alc/Vol

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What's in the box?

Winter 2022 Seasonal Gin 200ml

Winter 2021 Seasonal Gin 200ml

Winter 2020 Seasonal Gin 200ml

Juno Extra Fine Gin 200ml

Best of Winter giftset

Juno Winter 2022 Gin

Inspired by a Three Sisters and Small Gods Brewery co-lab, this gin is affectionately known as our Winter Weeds Gin. Featuring the nutty coffee notes of Dandelion Root, with hints of summers past from Meadowsweet and Burdock.

Juno Winter 2021 Gin

Winter 2021 Features tiny mandarins of perfection – intense and juicy, matched with toasted coconut, lime blossom and a whisker of cinnamon. A delicious reminder of summer and tropical holidays to come.

Juno Winter 2020 Gin

2020 brought a new-found appreciation for hearth and home. Featuring rhubarb and quince, Winter 2020 is a bright , clean gin with warming spices to help soothe the soul.

Juno Extra Fine Gin

Our 200ml award-winning Juno Extra Fine Gin is a perfect companion for a gin lover’s dinner party, a trip away, or a picnic.

Best Served With: Your favourite Fever-Tree tonic or soda.