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Pair our signature range Extra Fine gin (700ml) with any of our recent seasonal gins.

Extra Fine + 200ml

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Pair our signature range Extra Fine gin (700ml) with any of our available seasonal gins.

This pack lets you match one of our seasonal gins to your tastes and combine it with our 700ml Extra Fine signature range gin.

Are you a winter? A hold-me-close type of personality.

Or perhaps a spring? Vibrant but a little boisterous now and then. We’ll let you pick the perfect gin to match.

The pack includes:

  • 700ml Extra Fine (our signature gin)
  • Choice one of any available seasonal gin (200ml)
  • Presentation cartons

Expect approximately two business days for the package to arrive in most New Zealand locations (rural deliveries and South Island may take longer). 

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200ml Seasonal Gin

200ml Autumn 2018, 200ml Autumn 2019, 200ml Autumn 2020, 200ml Autumn 2021, 200ml Spring 2018, 200ml Spring 2019, 200ml Spring 2020, 200ml Spring 2021, 200ml Summer 2018, 200ml Summer 2019, 200ml Summer 2020, 200ml Summer 2021, 200ml Winter 2018, 200ml Winter 2019, 200ml Winter 2020, 200ml Winter 2021


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