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Can’t decide what season you’d like? Do you change your mind like you change your clothes? This box set of our four 2018 seasonal gins is for you!

Affectionately called our Box of Birds (as each season features a different native New Zealand bird on the label), this makes a great gift and, yes, it’s totally fine and justified to grab this for yourself if you’re a four-seasons-in-one-day kinda person.

The pack is delivered in the box set (as pictured) and includes the four 2018 seasonal gins (200ml each)—meaning you will get our 2018 Summer, Autumn, Spring and Winter gin.

If a particular seasonal gin happens to be sold out or is otherwise unavailable, we will get in touch with your ASAP to arrange another seasonal gin of your choosing.

Embrace the seasons and enjoy a full flavour experience of New Zealand craft gin.

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Juno Gin

What’s in the box

Summer 2018 200ml

Autumn 2018 200ml

Winter 2018 200ml

Spring 2018 200ml

Our 2018 collection of Seasonal Gins is no longer available online. Please visit our Cellar Door to enquire

Embrace the seasons and enjoy a full flavour experience of New Zealand artisan gin.

Every quarter, Taranaki’s Juno Gin releases a small-format Seasonal Gin to celebrate the unique botanical abundance of that season. Each batch is a moment captured in time—an expression of Mother Nature and her moods. The four-pack combines four seasonal gins in one box, offering the ideal tasting experience for gin enthusiasts to share and enjoy with friends.

Juno’s Four Seasons includes four 200ml bottles (one of each of Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring). Each seasonal gin is created from a limited edition, single batch (limited to 1000 bottles or less). The four pack is displayed in a stunning black box that reveals the unique label design of each seasonal gin.

We seek to be responsive to the environment and to nature’s bounty. The recipe for each season is unique to that particular moment in time. Every gin heroes the botanical ingredients that are growing well and provides an opportunity to explore flavour directions, whether they be herbaceous, fruity, citrus, earthy, spicy, floral or a beautiful combination of notes.

Juno Gin recognises that, not only do individual palates differ, but the individual desire for a particular flavour profile varies from day to day. Would we want sauvignon blanc with every dinner? As it is with wine, so it is with gin. A particular day might call for a citrussy long gin and tonic, but a cold winter’s night might entice us towards an earthy or spicy martini.

The 2018 Four Seasons of 4 x 200ml Juno Seasonal Gins is affectionately known as Juno’s “Box of Birds”. Each gin label features a New Zealand native bird that speaks to the season, the botanicals and the emotions associated with those. These four gins are presented in a gift pack designed to delight the senses and offers an extraordinary range of flavour profiles. All are true London-style dry gins, but each carries a unique aroma and flavour true to their season.