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Autumn 2018 Seasonal Gin

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Limited Edition
Seasonal Batch

Only 1000 Bottles Available.

Your chance to enjoy our latest seasonal batch.


Juno’s Autumn 2018 Gin

An autumn cornucopia for all berry lovers.

Our Autumn 2018 gin features wild-harvested blackberries, blackcurrants and a hint of flowering thyme.

Black fruits and purple flowers have created the gin we’ve been dreaming about. Intriguingly distinct yet intermittently recalling the comforts of home.

This gin is fruity yet clean; it is intriguingly distinct yet intermittently recalls the comforts of home. It’s perfect for catching the last of summer’s warmth and, at the same time, fending off the first icy grips of winter.



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Juno Gin

"Fruity yet clean, intriguingly different yet still hinting at the the comforts of home."

Pine/ Juniper
Pepper/ Heat
Honey Pollen

Blackberries and purple thyme

A long hot summer, and the drying impact of Cyclone Gita, and Taranaki blackberries finally found their form with an intensity of flavour that paired brilliantly with tiny thyme flowers.

A savoury slightly berry gin, perfect for sipping on long evenings.

Best Served With: a scatter of fresh thyme, a slice of lemon and your favourite tonic.