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Seasonal Pack 200ml



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Seasonal Four Pack

44% Alc/Vol

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What’s in the box

Summer 2022 200ml

Autumn 2022 200ml

Winter 2022 200ml

Spring 2022 200ml

Enjoy a full flavour experience of New Zealand craft gin.

The pack is delivered in a stunning display box set and includes the four 2022 seasonal gins (200ml each)—meaning you will get our 2022 Summer, Autumn, Spring and Winter gins.

Summer 2022: Splash of bitter Seville Orange, with Gentian Root and Almond.

Autumn 2022: Native coastal botanicals, including Kawaka, Harakeke and Kelp.

Winter 2022: Wild Winter Weeds, a distinctive and spicy combination of Burdock, Dandelion Root and Meadowsweet.

Spring 2022: A Pink Gin! Naturally flavoured with Little Beauty NZ Raspberries, and homegrown Peppermint.

Each label has been designed by a New Zealand based artist.

Best Served With: Your favourite tonic or soda.